hair colour for girls | Hair color trend

hair colour for girls | Hair color trend

Hair Colour For Girls | Hair Color Trend

The joy of seeing your hair in different styles and colors is something else. And when there are so many beautiful Hair Colour For Girls why not apply them on the hair? Hair color trends are the hallmark of the fashion industry today and by not adopting them, you are only looking to optimize your look.

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Which girl does not like to do stylish haircut and hair color. Brown, red and blind have always been in trend. Now this trend is changing every year. So, the choice of girls also varies. Given this choice, stylists continue to introduce new hair trends. Hair color is also in trend because it not only changes your personality but also fills a different kind of confidence in you. That is why today girls of every region, whether Bollywood actresses or college going or jobbing, all make trendy hair colors.

Hair colors are often made based on the weather and the occasion. On seeing the hair color, someone guesses what kind of person you are. While bright colors give a bold look, light colors give a mild look. To get the right hair color, you can take the advice of the expert, so that your hair color will not become a disaster for you.

Pooja Singh, National Creative Director, Lakme Salon, explains, “It is difficult to capture the trend of color. This has to take into account the needs of today’s girls. In this, I noticed that women mostly cook in the kitchen. She lives in and uses Garamsala to give a different flavor to any dish. That’s where I drew inspiration. The colors of these spices are different. These hair colors are also created based on these spices.

“Apart from this, nowadays girls are not too worried about having white hair. They like to decorate it with new colors. They always want a balance hair color and my effort is to apply hair color as per their choice. Some people like bright colors and some want light colors. According to them, these colors are made. From rich cinnamon, cinnamon, nutmeg to saffron, mustard, and kokum, all hair colors are in trend this time. “

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Pooja further says, “Even those with white hair can easily get a gory look by applying color. There is no need to dye the entire hair in this. Long strips look beautiful on gray hair. By changing the color of nutmeg on gray hair, its result is brown and light brown, which looks very beautiful. The red color is attached to the saffron, in which thin strips can be made and decorated with beads which gives a gory look.

“Copper color is not considered to be very good in Indian look because it is warm color. But, using it as the highlights makes it look very beautiful. Gold color is still very popular and suits girls of all ages. It does. Using gold in braid gives an elegant look, which all girls can easily do. Styling such hair color is also easy. “

Open hair, braid, messy bun, comb, etc., any type of hairstyle looks good in these hair Colour For Girls. One has to go to the salon for hair color, but styling can be done at home. It looks good for 3 to 4 months.