Lipstick | How To Become a master of lipstick

Lipstick | How To Become a master of lipstick

Lipstick without makeup is like eating without salt. Lipstick adds beauty to your makeup, so you know how to spoil your look. Everyone puts it like this, but not everyone knows how to apply it correctly. Here We Talk About How to apply lipstick and what to keep in mind during this time.

It is not known when she takes a permanent place in the purse after protecting her mother from the eyes and decorating her lips for the first time. Its absence makes the face glow. Understood, it is the lipstick that you think needs, not the makeup. Neither the edge of the makeup nor any makeup, just a lipstick makes your face go green. Its form and color also fascinate you. Sometimes matt and sometimes gloss, this party for party and that one for regular use. From 100 rupees in low budget to high rupees 2000 rupees, you are ready to spend on lipstick of your choice. What is so special for you, it should give you a special style, it is also important. Taking lipstick does not make a difference, it is necessary to come up with the right way to apply it. Also, it is important to know how it can work for you.

Make lips perfect shape

Applying lipstick requires special care in shaping the lips. For this, you can take the help of lip liner. These lip liners should match the color of your lips. Complete the upper lip by giving it an M shape, but do not sharpen it. Makeup artist Shweta Kapoor says that the lips should give a curved shape from above. Lipstick should be applied from outside to inside. If the lips are thin, touching the lipline can give a big shape to the lips on the outside, take care not to remove it too far from the lipline. If lips are thick, with the help of concealer, they can hide and give a new shape. Use lipliners to shape.

So that lipstick lasts longer

For lipstick to stay on your lips for a long time, you must first pay attention to the health of your lips. Scrub the lips and apply lip balm before applying lipstick. After applying lipstick on soft lips, it is necessary to give it a matte texture to make it durable. Translucent powder will help you in this work. You have to apply a little powder on top of the lipstick with the help of a brush. If there is no translucent powder, you can also take the help of baby powder, but use it in very small amounts.

When it comes to colors

How much lipstick will fall on you depends a lot on the color you choose. You have to make this choice keeping in mind your skin tone. If you are white, then you should choose shades of pink tones with nude shades. You can opt for nude shades of orange tone if you have a moderate skin tone. If you have a slightly darker tone, choose tones such as chocolate brown, Rosey brown shimmer, or caramel brown, warm red. If you want the color of your lipstick to emerge special, then apply the foundation on the lips before applying it.

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How to give a three-D effect To Lipstick

You can give lips a 3D style with the help of lipstick. They look very attractive in photography. This is the same as applying eyeshadow to the eyes. For this type of effect, you will need two or three colors of the same family. After the lips are completely prepared with the concealer, give them shape. After this give the base color of the lightest color. Now apply a dark color on the lips and lip line. That is, except the middle or inner part of the lip, apply a dark color on the rest. Now apply a medium colored shade on the remaining part. Also, blend the shades properly. If you do not have many shades, then after applying the same shade, you can give this effect by applying highlighter in the inner part of the lower lip.

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