Makeup Tips | Do not do these 5 things with makeup

Makeup Tips | Do not do these 5 things with makeup

Makeup Tips | Do Not Do These 5 Things With Makeup

If you like makeup, do it fearlessly. But, avoid doing anything special like applying makeup. Who are these things to be done, here Do Not Do These 5 Things With Makeup | Makeup Tips

Without mascara in the eyes, lipstick on the lips, and light foundation, you do not step out of the house. You are so fond of makeup that shopping for makeup products has become your hobby. You have a good collection of different types of makeup products. Not only this, but you also watch a lot of makeup tutorials on YouTube to keep yourself updated about the new trends in the world of makeup. It is fine even But … do you know that it is important to apply makeup properly, equally important is to remove the makeup properly ie clean it too. Putting makeup on the skin around the clock can spoil your skin health. In such a situation, it is important that you not only know how to remove make-up properly, but also know what are the things that must be removed before doing it.

What is the use of makeup while sleeping?

Makeup Tips | When we sleep, a lot of oil comes out of our skin at that time. At the same time, new cells are also formed very rapidly. This means that when we sleep, our skin is working fast at that time. If you include makeup in it, then just think how negatively the skin’s performance will be affected? Chemical and make-up products made from various oils are already home to bacteria. If dead skin and natural oil will be mixed with it, they believe that after getting up in the morning, your skin must have been attacked by acne. This is the reason that every expert associated with the skin recommends to sleep only after removing the makeup properly. It is better that you also start adopting this advice.

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Makeup Tips | House cleaning

Cleaning the house. There is only dust and dust all around and there is a thick layer of makeup on your face. Admit it, if dust and soil collect on it, then the natural glow of the skin will disappear. Do not apply makeup while cleaning, also tie a cloth mask on the face. This will not stop the dirt-skin pores and you will be able to stay away from acne. Never make the mistake of making a friendship between makeup and dust.

Makeup Tips | While exercising

If you exercise, it is certain that sweat will also flow. In this case, by applying makeup, all your makeup will also be washed away with the help of a penny. If you go to exercise every time by applying waterproof makeup, then the thing will be different. However, exercising with makeup is also not good in terms of skin health. Together makeup and sweat can prove to be a nightmare for your skin health. The skin also becomes soft while exercising and in this way the risk of getting stuck in the pores of microscopic makeup particles increases. Keep yourself away from this danger or else your skin attack may increase.

During air travel

Makeup Tips | Avoid using makeup while traveling with the airplane, especially if you are going on a long trip with the airplane. You will sleep during the journey and make-up will rapidly close your pores. Also, during air travel, there is a lot of loss of moisture within the airplane and the skin becomes even drier than before. To avoid this, drink water and liquids during the journey. Use this time for skincare instead of makeup. Hydration sheet mask will help you in this, but applying this mask on top of makeup is meaningless.