natural remedies for hair fall | 9 tips to prevent hair

natural remedies for hair fall | 9 tips to prevent hair

These tips For natural remedies for hair fall can be useful in dealing with the problem of hair breakage in moist weather …

Increasing moisture in the environment is the main cause of hair loss. Hair absorbs hydrogen during this season, which makes them dry and lifeless. In such a situation, Dr. Nivedita Dadu, Chairman and Founder of Dermatology Clinic, says that by taking some easy measures, and take natural remedies for hair fall can be better taken care of:

Do deep conditioning:natural remedies for hair fall

prolonged exposure to the sun often makes the hair dry and shiny. Deep conditioning till scalp is necessary to rejuvenate hair so that hair and scalp can get extra nutrition even in this season.

Keep hair away from heat:

Due to the moisture in the monsoon, when you use heat-generating products on your wet hair, it can have a bad effect on the hair. Hence hair should be kept away from heat-generating products such as blowdryer, straightener, curling road. They make the hair lifeless, so style the hair naturally.

Apply oil to the roots of the hair:

Although it is good to apply oil to the hair throughout the year, it is very important to apply oil in this season. Massage with coconut or olive oil at least 1 time a week is very beneficial.

Eat a rich diet:

Apart from all other factors, one thing that plays a major role in maintaining the beauty and healthy hair is your diet. Include foods such as eggs, fish, and sprouts in your diet. They are rich in protein and iron. Walnuts are also very good for keeping hair healthy, as it contains a lot of omega-3, fatty acids, and vitamin E.

Trim hair: natural remedies for hair fall

To get rid of dry or split hairs, it is very important to trim them.

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Do not tie your hair tight:

Loose buns, nuts, and messy breads look very trendy and trendy. Tight hair can give a lot of trouble due to excess moisture in the environment during the monsoon, and its roots also become weak, which causes hair to break and break. This is why the hair looks loose and trendy.

Apply a natural hair mask:

There is nothing better than a homemade hair mask. It provides rich nutrition to the hair. Making a domestic hair mask is not difficult. Make a mixture of 1 banana, honey and almond oil and apply it to the hair and leave it for half an hour. Later wrap the hot towel on the hair for a while. Then wash the hair with a good gentle shampoo and conditioner. You will find a difference in your hair.

Excess intake of liquids:

Consumption of fluids like water, juice, smoothies, shake, lemon water, and coconut water is very important for the body. Staying hydrated during the monsoon maintains the body temperature.

Keep an umbrella with you:

Before leaving the house in monsoon, keep an umbrella. Acidic elements and dust produced by rain can weaken hair. Prevent hair from getting wet in the rain to avoid humidity. If the hair gets wet then go to the house and wash them and then wipe and dry them properly.

Avoid dandruff: natural remedies for hair fall

The problem of dandruff also increases in the monsoon, so it is very important to pay attention to it in this season. For this, a special hair mask should be applied, such as making a paste of fenugreek, soak it in oil containing vitamin E for 1 hour and then apply it to the hair. This can prevent hair from dandruff.