reduce belly fat |how to lose belly fat | Belly Fat Exercise

reduce belly fat |how to lose belly fat | Belly Fat Exercise

Reduce Belly Fat |How To Lose Belly Fat | Belly Fat Exercise

Increasing the waistline worsens both health and figure. Stop it from growing and try this Waist fat loss tips and Reduce Belly Fat.

Belly is actually extra fat in our abdominal area, which is also called visceral fat. You will know how to reduce belly fat, but for what reason it increases, first know about it. then find how to Reduce Belly Fat.

Cortisol: The reason for the increase in belly fat is the unbalance of cortisol. If there is a disease in your body, then it is this hormone that increases the disease and then your immune system so much that your body can fight the disease and eliminate it from the root.

But when you are in strass, then this hormone becomes a problem for you. By taking more and constant stress, cortisol is released in large quantities and for a long time, due to which many diseases occur, it also increases the hormone of fat and fat in the body parts. It gets established due to which belly fat or weight increases.

To balance cortisol, you should do cardio exercises and should also pay attention to food. With this you will be able to reduce your belly fat as well as weight. Here are some tips that will help reduce belly fat:

Good sleep: By taking good sleep, there is an increased cortisol level balance, because at that time both body and mind are in a state of rest. Good sleep does not mean 8 to 12 hours of sleep. Just 6 hours of sleep is enough, in which you do not think of any kind in mind before sleeping, just pay attention to the breath while sleeping.

Sound sleep means not getting up in the middle. Once asleep, wake up after sleeping for 5-6 hours straight. Eat at least 3 hours before bed for a good sleep. Eat a light meal and do not take water or any liquid drink 2-3 hours before bedtime. Drink 2-3 boons of water just at bedtime so that you do not have to get up at night to go to the washroom. If you adopt these habits, then your cortisol level will start decreasing and belly fat will also reduce.

Matt exercise for Reduce Belly Fat

Crunchage: To reverse crunch, lay both hands on the back under the head. Now lift the top and bottom of the body together and come back after stopping for some time. Breathing in from the bottom up, then exhale.

There are many more variations in the crunch itself such as hair crunch, 90 degree lag crunch, figure 4 crunch, etc. All these exercises are very effective in reducing the fat of our lower, manly, middle and abs.

Lag rage to Reduce Belly Fat

60 Degree Lag Rage: To do this acceleration, you lie down on a mat in a flat place and lift both your legs together at a 60-degree angle. Both of your hands should be near the hips. Bringing the leg upwards, let the breath out. The leg has to be straight. That means do not do axes while folding.

Side Banding Exercise: Basic sideband not only reduces the fat of your sides, but it also helps in reducing your belly fat. To do this acceleration, open both legs as much as the shoulder length, and both hands remain on the side. You can also have dumbbells or weight plates in hand. Then you have to buckle towards the loft from the right, remember to keep the body straight.

Cardio for Reduce Belly Fat

It is not only important to do mattress size but also to do cardio workouts. All these accessories can be done in their home, room, gym, park also. They do not require much space to do it. In cardio workout you can include low high aerobics, dance fitness, functional training, high intensity cardio workout, circuit training, step aerobics etc.

High Nees: High Nees is a cardio workout. In this, you have to stand in one place and keep your body at a 90-degree angle by keeping the body upright and down below one by one. You can also do this motion by slow motion and jumping.

Spot Run: There is no need to run on a long track in this acceleration. You have to stand in one place and run your feet one by one quickly and lighten your eyes a little band and body also forward slightly so that tummy will have more impact.

Jumping Jacks: In this exercise, you have to join both feet and stand in the position of Tadasana and then open the legs and hands while jumping, but the shoulder will open slightly out of the length and the hands will go straight up to the solders or your head. It has to be done continuously.

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To reduce belly fat, it is very important to change your diet along with workouts. Include protein in your diet to reduce belly fat. Protein reduces hunger and prevents you from eating anything ludicrous, because when you feel hungry, you can eat whatever is available in healthy or unhealthy, which increases the weight and fat of belly or overall body. lives.

You can take protein, because it has a very high biological value, which quickly absorbs the nutritional in our body. Add nuts and seeds to your diet. Cheese, tofu, soybean chunks, eating, keeping the stomach full for a long time reduces stomach fat.

Rou Vegetables and Fruits

Half an hour before eating, prepare a plate of rawhitables and eat them in your stomach, in which you can add tomato, cucumber, cucumber, onion, carrot, mint, coriander, lemon, etc. By doing this, reduce the food slowly by eating 1 roti, which will prevent you from overeating.